– Successful Online Dating Story: Tom and Maggie


It is indeed inspiring to read successful online dating stories. I remember my friend Maggie, 35 years old. I went to her house and we talked about her love life. She met her other half when she signed up to an online dating site. She was divorced and looking for love or a relationship at that time. “You honestly don’t know who the “real” person is on the other side of the screen, she said”. But one guy in particular did strike my interest. Tom is a great guy, divorced with 2 kids. They emailed back and forth and talked on the phone for 5 months. They’re comfortable with each other and there’s really a good connection. And after months of chatting, they finally decided to meet. Tom flew miles away from where he lives just to see my friend Maggie. I was the one driving when we picked him up at the airport and oh boy they look good together! I can really tell that they’re madly in love and adore each other. “He is funny, kind and we have so many things in common, she said”. To make a long story short, they hit it off great from their first meeting but sadly Tom had to go back to the US. Despite the long distance relationship, this did not stop them from loving each other. Tom helped my friend Maggie to get a fiancé visa so that they can be together. It was hard because they had to prove their love for each other. And after long months of waiting, they are finally together. They got married and were blessed with a beautiful son. Maggie did not regret signing up in online dating site and she had to go through a lot of trials before she finally met Tom, her other half.

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