– Online Dating Statistics

– Online Dating Statistics


Online dating became worldwide trend for searching partners in the web. Its pursuit is to make both ends meet from people to people who sees online dating as an opportunity to meet their perfect match. It is very famous especially in the United States and all other parts of the world. If you are unfamiliar with this dating method then I will explain to you some factors to consider. Explanations need not to be scientific. Online dating statistics is the gage used to determine how far off online dating has become.

First, we then cross our minds to questions like:

How can online dating benefit me?

Is it reliable to search for dates online?

How many people are there who engage in internet dating?

Is it effective in making relationships resorting to marriages?

Why not date for real instead? (Meet people in real life situations.)

In the year 2007, Online Dating Magazine gathered reliable data about online dating sites. There were recorded 120,000 marriages as a result of online dating on the year two 2007. In 2009 17 % of married couples met online. Imagine how much people got married in during the past year 2010!


If you question as to how many people are engaging in internet dating sites, it is really more than we can imagine. Like other social networking sites like twitter, facebook, and the pre-historic friendster; online dating sites have gradually increased in revenues unlike any other business websites online. Online Dating Sites is a very lucrative business and still growing to millions of users each day. Revenues are sky rocketing to millions of dollars each year for dating services on the web. Billion dollars are for internet dating sites that aren’t free.

Considering that huge amount of money they earn annually, do you still doubt as to how much people register to these sites? I have also made a comprehensive data gathering on online dating statistics last year.

Another factor is the effectiveness of these online dating sites towards building relationships. How effective really is it on you? In my opinion, it’s entirely up to you. People who meet people online is like meeting people in the real world, the only difference is the distance and the search engine that gives you the option to search for your ideal guy and go for it. Approximately 1/3 of the online dating population were able to gain successful marriage and 2/3 unsuccessful. Half of these unsuccessful users still to go for it, and the rest quit their accounts during the first 3 months.  It all depends on how you strategize; build your profile and proper responses that you can gain higher chances of success to internet dating.

Aside from all those positive stats mentioned, it is very inevitable that online threats also increased with regards to online dating. Bogus accounts, scams have risen due to some free online dating sites that can be accessed easily by these predators. Notable amount of bogus accounts were reported last year.

You may actually wonder why overall online dating sites have really been successful. The online dating population steadily increases as much as your hair growth. It is all about giving chances to those who can’t afford to waste time and effort in waiting for their right one. It could be you if you’re still single ten years until now. Think of this as a better option.

By the way, have fun watching this video about online dating statistics!

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