Online Dating Profile Examples For Men

Online Dating Profile Examples For Men


Majority of registered users in all online dating sites are men by a small margin. That only means to say that there are millions of men out there who also engage in online dating. I have read a lot of online dating profiles and to my surprise, only about 10% have really made a good use of it. Men, majority of it, write online dating profiles like trash. This also goes to women in writing their dating profile, but not the majority of them. I am here to enlighten men in making their online dating profile as interesting, attractive, effective and sensible.

Going back to my post about online dating profiles, the very first thing that you should really give priority is your profile picture. Let’s get real guys, chicks dig handsome men. Much more if you have a Porsche, a Cadillac, or a Lamborghini in your picture with you riding in it. This will really attract people’s attention to your profile and then they will dig in to your profile description.

The profile description is the core of every person’s profile. You describe yourself and what you expect to be your partner. But with that profile format, you will just be like anybody else. Plain. Boring.

Your profile is your best tool in marketing yourself. You show them who you are and how can you be different and interesting person. Yet, everyone wants to be unique too. So how will you stand out?

Simply, you need to strike both expertise in writing and marketing. Don’t go too much on marketing yourself coz it may sound like you’re a pimp. Don’t write so formally coz you may sound like a political diplomat. My online dating profiles for men will show you the most appropriate basis on how to make your profile work for you. And I also got examples of undesirable and outrageous profiles which you will never be tempted to read again.

Examples of “agony profile” are from those people who write their online dating profile in a very negative way and uncomely way. They tend to whine, or shove away people who they don’t like or restrict too much on the people who will email them.  They even put out of this world stories and whatsoever unrelated topics.

An example of a good, sound, and outstanding profile is that it can really entertain readers, especially women. With subtle humorous descriptions, you will be able to make them enjoy reading your profile. You point out all the positive points but not using too much adjectives about you.  Writing your profile is like speaking to everyone who might find you interesting and ignoring all the haters.

I hope these tips of mine can really help men improve their profiles. But as I tour around online dating sites, It only gets worse. Finding true love in online dating is being true to your profile and finding that genuine person who will take interest in you.


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